Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MMS and Swine Flu Solution

Can MMS - Water Purification drops help treat Swine Flu?

The news is full of Swine Flu stories from Mexico to China. They were really trying to throw a big scare into the news for a few days, we were bombarded with media stories about the swine flu outbreak and how we may face a global pandemic anytime soon.

What can we do about the swine and bird flu?

Now, as of April 13, 2009, Swine Flu cases were identified and reported in Mexico on April 13, 2009 and three days later in the US and England.

Should we accept what the media is pushing down on us?

Is this situation really so serious as the authorities and media say it is?

How do you feel about all this scare of bird and swing flu situation?

Personally, I think, the most important thing of all is NOT to be afraid, try to stay in the “observer” mode and prepare, just in case, if the worst case scenario becomes a reality. You never know…

You probably already know what MMS is and how it works? Jim Humble's MMS kills all pathogens. It is a great product to clean up the body -- inside out! Yes, you mix it up and drink it! (Start with only 1 drop of sodium chlorite; activate it with citric acid and dilute it.)

NEW FLU VARIANTS are being reported on television and in newspapers with dire warnings that we may face a global pandemic. These new strains could spread rapidly from country to country. Five years ago the SARS flu strain caused numerous deaths primarily in China. Later, in 2007 bird flu variants were tracked as they spread from country to country.

Here’s a quote from one of Jim Humble’s websites:

"MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) is a germicidal agent capable of attacking and killing evolving flu viruses. It operates without regard for the strain or variation that may evolve from time to time. This opinion is based on the chemistry and behavior of activated MMS when it is used according to the instructions below. Unlike antibiotics or vaccines, activated MMS (chlorine dioxide) is pathogen-cidal without regard to strains or evolving variants of Flu viruses - as has been known since 1950. Methods for using activated MMS as a universal flu deterrent will be described herein."

Check what Wikipedia says about chlorine dioxide...

Jim Humble explains "How MMS works against pathogens"

Water Purification Drops (chlorine dioxide solution and tablets) have been on the market for 80 years and most of us have never heard of it. Could MMS be a possible remedy or even preventative measure against this type and many other types of viruses?

The FDA is trying to take miracle mineral off the market -- It must be biting into the drug companies cartel.

What do you think?
Do you think it is worth having MMS?

I would stock up on MMS if I were you. (Note: the miracle mineral name is changing to water purification drops) It is sodium chlorite and when activated with a food acid it becomes the chlorine dioxide -- pathogen eliminator.

The FDA say it is a bleach... Well so is lemon juice a bleach , and so is chlorine they put in our drinking water.

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